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Welcome to PoliTV!

Politeknik Malaysia TV or PoliTV is an online eNews gathering and channel that brings highlighted news from the Malaysian Polytechnics to everyone especially our stakeholders. The PoliTV project  is a pioneering and  collaborative  informative driven exercise that plans to unify all thirty four institutions across the nation by adopting a synergistic strategy in achieving a common goal which is to  promote and accentuate Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET). The project's secondary aim is to provide opportunities to both students and educators to plan, develop and share news bits from their spot within the nation and present it via the WWW for all to appreciate.  

PoliTV is divided into five geographical zones called Chapters. Each Chapter consists of  several groups of nearby institutions that work in tandem to share their eNews. Besides the Chapters, a dedicated channel is also presented to report any pertinent news from the Head Office in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. PoliTV will bring any news that ranges from colorful student life, enriching educational experiences or innovative practices found within each institution. With the exception of the Head Office, students involvement are at the main core of each eNews production.

Hence,it is  our sincere hope that PoliTV will be able to introduce our TVET world for all to enjoy and more importantly, to appreciate. 

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